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Isla Colon Isla Colon is an island on the northern Caribbean side of Panama,

belongs to the province of Bocas del Toro and was named after its discoverer Christopher Columbus. Isla Colon is geographically the largest island in the Bocas archipelago and the Costa Rican border is just a few minutes by boat from her. It is called the main island, as it is home to the capital of Bocas and there is an airport. There are also, unlike many other neighboring islands many hotels, bars, shops, restaurants, cafes and even an ATM. On Isla Colon, most tourists find that make Bocas holidays. From here, all fantastically beautiful Caribbean islands of the archipelago are driven. On Isla Colon also a very lively nightlife takes place, that you should not miss. The many bars invite you with its Caribbean flair, the reggae music and its motley mixed clientele. Most restaurants offer both typical Creole seafood dishes as well as specialties from the European and American cuisine.